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Firestarter was the result of a course run by Script Yorkshire for writers living in and around Hull in 2006. The five fortnightly sessions began in April with producer Guy Morgan working with writers, Sal Brown, Penny Brown, Jim Dunn, Jane Field, Sally Jubb, Angela Murtagh, Madeleine McDonald, Helen Scholefield, Lynne Taylor and Dan Wagstaffe. Starting completely from scratch, the team invented five characters, street kid Eugene, vicar's wife Joan, down at heel advertising executive Anthony, local DJ Rod Myers and debt collector Paul Smith. As the drama developed into a police story, two more characters arrived, Inspector Jane Wallace and Sergeant Thomas Hicks. The story fell into place over the next three sessions with each writer allocated scenes from the storyline. Two read throughs later, including a trial recording with the writers, there was a hectic one day's recording on July 24th -- the hottest day of the year -- at Hull University's Drama Department.

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The project was made possible through funding from Hull City Council and the Arts Council.